The PHERMELI commitment is to highlight the history, heritage and importance of the Evzones to modern Greece. Toward this goal, the Association has created various actions to inform and raise public awareness.

These actions include the following:

Pursue scholarship funding for one Evzone in memory of twenty-four year old Thomas Spyros, who passed away on February 22, 2019 while in service.

Pursue scholarship funding for the writing of a scientific book or master’s thesis on the history of the Evzones.

The organization of events in order to inform and raise public awareness, as well as establishing the necessary partnerships to contribute toward these goals.

Creation of an archive to include photos, videos, as well as articles, books, announcements and, in general, useful material for any person interested in exploring the Evzones and history of the elite group of soldiers over time.

Finally, future plans include mediating, through various actions, to establish a network between the Evzones and similar guards from other countries, i.e, the Queen’s Guard, the Swiss Guard.


The Name

The name PHERMELI is a reference to the hand-made, embroidered vest worn by the Evzones. Hand embroidered, phermeli is the most intricate part of the entire costume taking seven months to complete.


Our partners are at the heart of every effort to share the cultural, artistic and national heritage of Greece through diverse activities and initiatives.

Lisa Pentheroudaki

Aikaterini Sarafi

Dionysia Karageorgopoulou

Melina Koursi

Alexander Karras

Eleni Pentheroudaki

Aphrodite-Natalia Kefalidou

Emmanouil Pentheroudakis