Shipping Terms

1. The Products that the Client purchases through the e-shop shall be delivered to the Client via courier.

2. For the delivery of the Products in Greece, the Company cooperates with the courier company A-Post and DHL, which operates a large distribution network in Greece.

3. The cost for the delivery of the Products in Greece shall be paid by the customer. The Products shall be delivered in Greece within five (2) to fourteen (14) days. With regard to international orders, the Company ships its Products to the countries of the European Union, as well as the rest of the world. For the delivery of the Products outside Greece, as per the above, the Company cooperates with the courier company DHL ( In this case, the Products are delivered within five (5) to fourteen (14) days. The cost for the delivery of the Products outside Greece will be calculated according to the current price list of the above companies.

The Company uses its best endeavors for the timely delivery of the Products to the Client, however it cannot guarantee the exact delivery time.

4.. In case the Client does not pick up the Product within one (1) month from receiving the notification, at the email provided upon placing the order, that the Product is available the Company shall issue a voucher equal to the amount paid by the Client for the Product. The voucher shall be valid and can be redeemed by the Client within six (6) months from its issuance. The time of delivery may be amended for reasons of force majeure or events of chance and, in general, any events that are outside the Company’s sphere of control. In such cases, the Company shall contact the Client to the e-mail the latter has submitted for such purposes.

5. The Products are delivered on business days (with the exception of local bank holidays) between 09:00-17:00.

6. Where the Client has selected the delivery of the Products at the Client’s premises, the Company shall not be liable in case the courier employee appears within the designated timeframes at the Client’s shipping address but is not able to proceed to the delivery of the Product due to the Client’s absence. In such case, the courier’s employee shall leave, at the shipping address provided by the Client, a relevant note, for the Client to contact the courier and pick up the Product from the courier’s designated point (courier store/storage room) where the non-delivered Product is stored, otherwise the Product will be returned to the Company and the Company shall inform the Client of the termination of the contract due to non-execution at the Client’s fault. If the Client wishes to execute the contract the Client must place an order anew.

7. The Company reserves the right to amend its shipping policy at any time, with a relevant notification on the e-shop, prior to the conclusion of the sales’ contract and only for future sales.

8. The Company in no manner guarantees the timely and proper delivery of the Products to the Client, when the delivery is executed by the courier (in which case there might exist a deviation from the delivery timeframe), according to the courier’s delivery schedules. The Company shall not be liable for any additional charges that may be unilaterally imposed by the courier (the Client may bear the costs for the Product’s storage if the Client is not present at the designated delivery dates).

9. In case the delivery must be executed on or before or after a specific date, the Client must specify such request upon submitting the order. The Company, however, does not guarantee that the Product will be delivered pursuant to the above request and shall inform the Client accordingly via e-mail, at the order confirmation, or via telephone.